Application Development

Web Applications Development

Your website is the first place where a potential customer goes to learn about your business. Thus, they expect to get a concise overview of your services and products and understand your business better. An effective web application and design is important to turn your business website into a communication hub for potential customers. We aim to build a website to balance the user’s expectations with the best technical practices. It drives the current and potential customers to have a visually engaging online experience.

Creative ideas, meets code of web application development

Ask For Media has been in the business of web application development since its doors opened in 2004. It develops web applications that run on a web browser. The function of the web application is to make an easy business process that is easy to manage and perform. These web applications are solutions to help you communicate efficiently with the employees, vendors and customers. It rationalizes a business process in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Web application development is directed to save the money, time and resources of the company.

Web Application Development Overview

Whether you need a web application for a corporate business, e-commerce, social media or any other business, our team of creative designers and developers will help your vision become a reality. The website designers and web developers practice their experience of creative programming and design to build websites that performs. The ingenious team works alongside the clients to ensure that the websites fit the brand image they want to exhibit. We also make sure that the designed websites and web applications suit the company’s culture, profile and above all generate traffic to increase sales.

We offer development and custmization arounf the following platforms:

  • Custom Website Design and Development
  • Joomla Content Management System
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Open Cart ecommerce
  • Drupal Content Management System

We use the following technologies of CSS, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript (a wide range of libraries accoring to your specifications and needs) and SQL on a scalable and flexible code base. As a result, it helps us to secure the functionality of their framework.

Are you ready to start your business through an interactive web application development? Do not wait up for another opportunity. Schedule a meeting with us for further information on web application development. Lay the foundation of your business with us to see your company in the organic search results. 

Software Engineering

Ask For Media doesn't stop at producing the look and feel of your online project. Our team of developers will take your project requirements and build the functionality you need into the appealing interface to help your users accomplish what they come to your website for. Whether you need a simple online form that captures data from your users and shoots it to you to your email address of choice or whether you need an advanced multi-page online work-flow that users go through to apply for a membership or purchase items from your online store, Ask for Media team has the technical ability and software engineering expertise to offer you the right solution.

The art of engineering; that’s exactly what we are best at! We specialize in discipline related to developing applications to suit your businesses. Covering not only the technical aspects of building software systems, we are also good with managing all your issues related to direct programming teams, scheduling and budgeting.

We, AskForMedia assure our work to be quicker at turn-around times along with quick working prototypes with correctness guaranteed. We work for reasonable cost and provide you more confidence at work. Our obsession for speedy work will be evident by the development infrastructure and tools our technical team uses to get done with your project. We will give you results that you can be happy with because our number one priority remains to be customer satisfaction.

We are the business savvy and people’s skills. We have the ability to work with remote global teams – be heavy accents, or collaboration with versioning tools. Our team’s ability to modeling and prototyping languages and understanding the software model requirement makes us provide you with exactly what you need for your business or work.

We are a firm grounding in extreme formal specifications along with verification techniques to ensure correctness before the first line of code is even put down. Fulfilling promises is not an easy task and especially when we do it, we do anything to fulfill it exactly to suit you in the best manner possible.

AskForMedia also provide you with our teams special assistance 24/7 to fix your bugs, if received ever. Our real-time assistance shall help you run your software smoother than ever. We would obviously do anything that may fall into our domain to ensure your smooth development and running of your business software because the success of our business depends on yours! Shoot us a request today and we will be more than glad to discuss your project and build you a platform to fit all your business software needs; cause we have the right technical ability and software engineering expertise to offer you the best solutions!

Shoot us a request today and we'll be glad to discuss your project.