Video & Multimedia

Video & Multimedia Production

Ask For Media helps individuals, companies and businesses in general tell their story to their viewers. Ask for Media team of creative writers, producers, directors and editors will work with you from Pre-production to post production. Whether you are shooting a one straight take for an onscreen testimonial or if you want to take on a bigger multiple location and multiple talent production, Ask for Media is equiped and experienced to carry your project to the screen.

If you need more than a simple one camera crew, Ask for Media works with established partners in the Washington metro who'll provide large studios, staging services, green screen, full geared studios, dollies, cranes  and more.

Our 30+ years combined experience in production consists of tens of TV commercials produced, short and long documentaries shot in digital and film, tens of interviews, animations 2d and 3D, multi-lingual videos, corporate videos, training videos, demo reels and more.

Ask for Media teams counts more than 1000 hours of footage captured and edited.

We offer:

  • Full concept development
  • Script writing
  • Shooting in-studio or on-location
  • Post production and Editing
  • Music and sound effects
  • Narration services
  • Graphics and animation capability
  • DV/HD recording and editing
  • Encoding for the web or DVD