National Alliance Website

National Alliance hired Ask for Media to redesign NAPFE website with a more modern and current approach to extend outreach and amplify the message to a broader audience to join the Union and help protect the labor force.

Ask for Media was honored to provide the highest service standard and the state of the art platform and development approach to every aspect of the project. For the Content management System Ask for media made sure to build the website with a powerful admin interface to allow all types of content editing and publishing. Social Media platform integration was planted in every corner of the project to allow better social sharing and community engagement. For multimedia content, Ask for Media built in a radio player interface to upload long MP3 files that can stream to many users with control features and smooth play. From the development aspect Ask for Media built a powerful search engine on the website to help users to locate their districts and locals across the nation. Ask for Media is proud to showcase this project part of its portfolio.

  National Alliance Website National Alliance Website National Alliance Website